Corporate Business Card Template

Corporate business card design template

Corporate business card templates

Corporate Business Card Template.
You are not a true businessman if you don’t hold a business card. A well-design business card is a depiction of a powerful businessman. Therefore, you must always keep a simple yet chic business card in your pocket. So, every time someone asks you about your profession, you can hand your card to them.

Further, it is an effortless but effective way of business marketing. Also, a business card is not expensive to publish, so no matter what kind of business you own, you can afford it easily. However, designing a creative and cool business card is very time-consuming and needs a lot of strength. But, why are you worrying about it; when we are here? To make creating a business card just a piece of cake for you. We have selected a clean and elegant card template. Hence, now you will not bother wasting your time designing your business card.
This Photoshop template is available in four color variations. Not just this, this trendy template is easily editable. Thus, you can change anything you want to edit. So, Go Ahead and enjoy using this Corporate Business Card Template!

  • File Type: PSD
  • Dimensions: 3.5×2 inches with 0.25 bleed
  • Color Space: CMYK